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Upcoming events:

“Collaborative trait research and data: a round table discussion about trait data analysis and its value for climate change adaptation planning”, May 2017, Sydney.

  • Led by Rachael Gallagher, Macquarie Univesity. 

“Maximising marine data collection on climate driven impacts observed in eastern Australia to underpin community awareness and adaptation”, June 2017, Tasmania.

  • Led by Prof Gretta Pecl, UTAS

Undergoing logistical planning for Landcare ACT’s workshop on “Being a Landcare group in the age of climate change - planning for a resilient future”, June 2017, Canberra.

  • Led by Anne Duncan, Landcare ACT

Past events:

“Practitioners forum to develop recommendations for best practice provenancing for restoration under climate change”

  • Led by Martin Breed and Andy Lowe, University of Adelaide. 

Coastal Hazard Management Workshop, May 2017, Brisbane

  • Practitioner Travel Award recipient, Chloe Dowsett

Hydrological Modelling Workshop, Apr 2017, University of Melbourne.

  • Student Travel Award recipient, Emily Hoffmann

Australasian Eco-acoustics Workshop, Feb 2017, Brisbane. 

  • Student Travel Award recipient, Malcolm Soh


Climate Adaptation, July, Adelaide.

  • Event summary
  • Practitioner Travel Award recipient, Brook Hynch
  • Student Travel Award recipient, Kate Pearse

"Reforming Australian conservation laws for climate change adaptation”, including a public forum: “Overcoming barriers to effective conservation under climate change”, Dec 2016, IMAS Tasmania.

  • led by Prof Jan McDonald

Shellfish Reef Restoration Network Meeting, Nov 2016, Bribie Island.

  • Student Travel Award recipient, Dominic McAfee
  • ECR Travel Award recipient, Vivian Cumbo

 “Collateral damage: Impacts on biodiversity of climate change adaptation in human systems”, Sep 2016, Mary River NT.

  • Led by Prof Stephen Garnett & Prof Lesley Hughes


“Climate variability and biodiversity (past, present and future)”Aug 2016, Kioloa NSW.

  • Led by Dr Rebecca Harris and Prof David Bowman 

Society for Conservation Biology 4th Oceania Congress, Jul 2016, Brisbane

  • ECR Travel Award recipient, Dr April Reside

Species on the Move, Feb 2016, Tasmania


Network Convenor:

Professor Stephen Williams

Centre for Tropical Biodiversity & Climate Change

James Cook University 


Network Coordinator:

Nadiah Roslan

Centre for Tropical Biodiversity & Climate Change

James Cook University

Workshop awards

Individuals wishing to seek support for workshops or events focused on climate change adaptation and Australian biodiversity can submit proposals using this form. Please note that events must take place before 14 May 2017. 


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Information to help support decision makers prepare for and manage the risks of climate change on our natural ecosystems, including NARPs, Tools, and NCCARF Library here.



About NCCARF: The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) is an initiative of the Australian Federal Government that works to support decision makers throughout Australia as they prepare for and manage the risks of climate change and sea-level rise. NCCARF is based at Griffith University and is in its second phase of development. NCCARF has established new adaptation networks under a three year program (2014-17) to continue their national focus across Australia to build resilience to climate change in government, NGOs and the private sector.

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