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Global Climate Change Research Network


We are currently developing this initiative. Please Join the Network and stay tuned for updates! For more information contact us:

Enhancing Ecosystem Resilience in the Tropics

Climate change is arguably the most significant threat to the future of global biodiversity, human well-being and the global economy. Climate change has the potential to cause severe impacts on vital ecosystem services like clean water and air and on the irreplaceable biodiversity of the Tropics .The global network will help us meet this challenge and reduce the impacts on natural ecosystems and the people that depend on them.


The primary aim of the Global Network is to increase the capacity of managers, policy makers, researchers and conservationists to make informed decisions leading to positive outcomes that will reduce the impacts of global change on the mega-diverse ecosystems of the Tropics.

The Global Network will become a knowledge hub that links regional net-works in megadiverse regions of the Asia-Pacific, South America and Africa. The network will provide essential knowledge to help governments and man-agers of natural ecosystems make informed decisions and policy, facilitate cost-effective research while reducing duplication, and enable effective adaptation and mitigation measures aimed at maintaining the resilience of tropical ecosystems at the local, regional and global scale.


Why you should become a member of the Network
Membership is free, fully inclusive with online subscription and involve a broad range of benefits. All interested stakeholders are invited to participate including researchers, universities, government agencies, local/regional conservation groups, students, NGO’s and community groups. Membership will allow you to:

  • Access data, information resources, analytical tools and syntheses of existing knowledge.
  • The opportunity to participate & share valuable knowledge and experience.
  • Link and promote your work globally.
  • Access expert advice and find collaborative contacts relevant to you.
  • Be notified of various climate change initiatives, training, workshops and conferences.
  • Get up to date information and scientific material about climate change.

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