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Asia-Pacific Climate Change Research Network

Enhancing Ecosystem Resilience in the Tropics

The Asia-Pacific Region is one of the most important reservoirs of biodiversity and ecosystem services on the Earth. One of the greatest challenges in the region is the conflict between sustainable development, human well-being and a healthy environment. In the 21st century, the impact of global climate change, in synergy with other human-induced pressures, poses the greatest threat that we have ever faced to these mega-diverse tropical ecosystems.

It has never been more important to collect and disseminate knowledge that informs policy and natural resource management. We need effective adaptation and mitigation measures in order to maintain the resilience of tropical ecosystems and the humans that depend on them.

We can meet this challenge by building a network and enhancing capac-ity to achieve positive outcomes and combat climate change in the Asia-Pacific region.


Why you should become a member of the Network
Membership is free, fully inclusive with online subscription and involve a broad range of benefits. All interested stakeholders are invited to participate including researchers, universities, government agencies, local/regional conservation groups, students, NGO’s and community groups. Membership will allow you to:

  • Access data, information resources, analytical tools and syntheses of existing knowledge
  • The opportunity to participate & share valuable knowledge and experience.
  • Link and promote your work globally.
  • Access expert advice and find collaborative contacts relevant to you.
  • Be notified of various climate change initiatives, training, workshops and conferences.
  • Get up-to-date information and scientific material about climate change.

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